The following is a list of runners injuries

Achilles tear
Achilles tendonosis
Achilles tendonosis or paratendonosis
Anterior tibialis trigger point or restriction
Biomechanical issues causing issues along the chain
Bone contusion/bruise
Bursitis of the foot
Calf injury tear-gastrocnemius and soleus muscle-tear and restriction
Collapsed arch
Cuboid gone dysfunction
Eversion injury of the ankle joint
Fascial restrictions in the body
Facet joint locking
Fat pad irritation
Fractures – mainly stress related – Metatarsal, tibia, femur, public, sacral ,fibula, navicular
Groin muscle,hernia and groin referral injury
Gluteal trigger point and restriction
Hamstring restriction and high hamstring tendinopathy
Hip joint restrictions
Lateral quad muscle trigger point and restriction
Lumbar spine dysfunction
Medial Tibia stress syndrome-shin splints
Meniscal tear or degeneration
Muscle restrictions and trigger point build up
Osteochrondral fracture
Patellar femoral pain syndrome
Patellar tendonosis
Peroneal tendon or muscle related restriction
Plantar fascia or related condition
Referral pain from spine
Sacroiliac disorder or locking
Shortened hip flexors
Stress reactions
Tarsal Tunnel syndrome
Tibialis Posterior tendinopathy