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Ciaran Fitzpatrick | Physical Therapist

Treating elite athletes and people suffering sports injuries for over 15 years

About Ciaran

Ciaran Fitzpatrick of CF Physical Therapy is a Physical Therapist, specifically working with sports injuries and orthopaedic conditions. He has worked with Adidas, Nike Running UK and Arkansas track & field.

Ciaran has also worked with Athletics Ireland at the European championships, World championships and Olympics, as well as Dublin’s Minor and U-21 hurling teams.

Ciaran’s patients include International athletes, rugby players, soccer players and tennis players, as well as county GAA players.

He has coached track & field and hockey in fitness, mechanics of speed and speed training. He has worked in conjunction with allied sports medical in the UK football on ACL and hamstring injury prevention, Devising a session for mobility and flexibility to the lower back, hip and pelvis area.

Ciaran has competed internationally over 400m, played minor county level football and international schools soccer. He is educated through the Institute of Physical Therapy and has injured most areas from the hip to the toe!

Sports Injuries

  • Evaluation – the cause of the injury
  • Treatment – for orthopaedic, sports injuries and work-related conditions through manual techniques and exercise
  • Rehabilitation – pre and post operation if necessary
  • Prevention – running and sports injuries, including ACL related injury, through exercise
  • Referral – if necessary for certain conditions
  • Flexibility/Mobility routine – for enhanced performance and movement
  • Speed mechanics training – for individuals and teams

I can’t speak highly enough of Ciaran. I can recommend him in the strongest terms to any team or individual.

Dr. Bryan English

Head of Performance, Middlesbrough F.C. former Medical Director Chelsea F.C. and UK Athletics.

I would fully recommend Ciaran to anyone suffering from sports or other physical injuries. Thanks again for your hard work, patience and dedication.

Conor Grace

Irish basketball captain

Ciaran’s advice and treatment has allowed me to return from injury quicker and stronger. I seriously can’t recommend CF Physical Therapy Dublin highly enough.

Peter Coughlan

Irish 110 metre hurdles record holder

I would have no hesitation in referring anyone to Ciaran of CF Physical Therapy Dublin. Thanks for all the treatment and support.
Alistair Cragg

Irish 5000m and 10,000m record holder

Ciaran’s skill and expertise is second to none, I would recommend him without hesitation.

John Gladwin

Former UK athlete and European 1500m finalist

Thanks for all the help throughout the year.

David Gillick

World Indoor 400m Bronze Medalist and European Indoor 400m Gold Medalist.

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